The gay, USC-themed blog known as the Boi from Troy decisively trounced today's L.A. Times when it came to headlining the Trojans' impressive 34-24 Rose Bowl victory over Penn State.

Friday Morning QB: Three-Pete Edition” quipped BFT's blogger, alluding to the third consecutive Rose Bowl title won by Trojan coach Pete Carroll. The Times ran this flat headline that tangled semiotics with a 1960s theater reference:

“Subtext Isn't Roses.” Hm.  I guess this might've flown when spoken aloud around the water cooler but it's problematic because — missing two words from Frank D. Gilroy's play title — it's a little too far from The Subject Was Roses to immediately stick. Then there's “subtext,” a word that probably leaves many sports fans scratching their heads. But “subtext” also brings to mind the subject of texting — which was in the news the day of the Big Game because a California law banning text-messaging while driving went into effect that day.

Anyway, “Three-Pete,” while not exactly invented by Boi from Troy, definitely works better.  BFT's anonymous blogger is self-described on the site as “a 6'1″, 169 lb., 33 year-old, gay male, Republican, sports fan living in West Hollywood, California who has been writing on Politics, The Gays and USC Football since 2003.”

As far as gay conservatives go, the Boi provides far more interesting and readable chatter about Proposition 8 matters than the pathetically staid Log Cabin Republicans' site — which  last year hailed Sarah Palin as a “mainstream Republican.” Another Right-thinking gay site that leaves the cabins in the dust On Prop 8 and Rick Warren is GayPatriot.

For L.A. Weekly coverage of Prop 8 and Rick Warren issues, look for Patrick Range McDonald's recurring Queer Town posts on L.A. Daily.

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