Body Sculpting Athleisure for All: How Black-Owned SAULT & CO is Making Waves in the Industry

The wellness industry has long been associated with exclusivity, with high-end athleisure often carrying price tags that are out of reach for many consumers. However, Black-owned SAULT & CO. is changing the game by offering premium body sculpting athleisure at affordable prices.

Founded by Harvard Law graduate Briana Williams, the brand aims to make wellness accessible to all by creating innovative, high-performance materials and leveraging high-end suppliers to create premium performance materials at a lower cost.

SAULT & CO.‘s commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its approach to pricing, design, and community, as well as its dedication to social justice. By offering premium athleisure at accessible prices, they ensure that everyone has the opportunity to feel good in their clothes, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. They recognize that when people feel good in what they wear, they are more likely to lead active, healthy lives.

The company also partners with organizations such as breast cancer organizations to give back to the community, and their affiliate program empowers entrepreneurs, particularly those in less fortunate communities, to grow their businesses and earn a commission from sales. By prioritizing inclusivity and social justice, the brand empowers individuals to embrace wellness and self-confidence, regardless of their budget or personal circumstances, while also making a positive impact on the wider community.

By working directly with manufacturers and eliminating middlemen, the company reduces costs and passes the savings on to its customers. The brand prioritizes the use of innovative, high-performance materials that offer durability, comfort, and functionality without the hefty price tag, while also focusing on creating timeless, versatile designs that can be easily integrated into any wardrobe.

SAULT & CO. has built a loyal following in Austin, Texas, where it is currently offered in five different gyms. The company has plans to expand its reach and ultimately go public in the next four years, with a goal of launching a social-oriented fund to help entrepreneurs less fortunate with access to funding and support, as well as providing assistance to their community.

The wellness brand has a purpose-built approach to marketing, with packaging that promotes positivity and inclusivity. The brand focuses on creating a one-stop-shop for wellness, which includes several pillars such as retail, e-commerce, and brick-and-mortar locations. With its community-minded approach, SAULT & CO. is carving out a unique space in the market, and its dedication to providing inclusive wellness solutions at affordable prices is sure to make it a leader in the industry.

Briana Williams, the founder of SAULT & CO., departed from the law world because she didn’t feel like she was making meaningful change. She saw an opportunity to create a company that could advance meaningful change from an area that will live forever, namely the wellness industry. Her goal was to close the gaps and provide access to high-quality athleisure for people of all sizes and backgrounds. With experience working in political offices, she understood the importance of funding and the impact that access to resources can have on communities. Her passion for social justice drives her to use her company as a vehicle for change, and she is committed to making a difference through clothing, activism, and empowerment.

The company’s vision goes beyond just creating a successful athleisure brand. They see themselves as agents of change in the larger social justice movement. By offering the public the opportunity to invest in their vision, they hope to bring about meaningful change in the world. SAULT & CO. aims to not only provide high-quality athleisure products but also to contribute to social justice causes that benefit disadvantaged communities. Their goal is to create a more inclusive society where everyone has access to opportunities and resources to pursue their dreams. Through their innovative business model and dedication to social justice, they hope to inspire others to join their movement and create a better future for all.

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