Bob Nouri – Unraveling the Secret of Success with Multimillion Chevrolet Dealership

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“I believe the auto industry will change more in the next five to 10 years than it has in the last 50, and this gives us the opportunity to make cars more capable, more sustainable, and more exciting than ever before.”

– Mary Barra- CEO and Chairperson of General Motor.

Imagine a world without automobiles. A slow and sluggish journey on camels and horses, just like in ancient times. But with the evolving era and innovative technology, life is improving. The profound influence of technology can be vividly seen in the automotive industry. The industry is moving towards a new world, propelled by sustainability and changing consumer behavior; the business has seen exponential success. This rampant elevation has happened because automotive manufacturers spend around 11 figures annually on research and development to achieve the best-performing and service-oriented vehicles.

So, is the automotive industry changing gears? The adoption and availability of modern technology are primarily driving the fundamental trends in the auto industry. Automatic cars, sensors electrification, and high-tech gears are all fruit of cutting-edge technology. Globally, the automotive industry is on its toes because of the challenges that come with these innovations. From suppliers to automakers, they keep developing profitable operations while building capacity to tackle these novelties simultaneously.

So where are we heading with innovative technology? Many automotive makers and dealers are learning and reflecting on the past. Still, some visionary individuals like Bob Nouri are driven by the futuristic approach of flexibility and innovation while ready to deal with the modern automotive industry’s unique challenges.

Mehraban Khajehnouri, famously known as Bob Nouri, is an Iranian-American multi-auto dealership owner, operator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is the founder and owner of B.N. Dealerships Management Incorporations.

After graduation, Nouri began his professional career. He has served in many prestigious positions on multiple notable boards and organizations. He served as the Past President of the South-Central Regional Council of Hyundai Dealers. Later Nouri was selected as an advertising board member at Daily Oklahoman and then in Oklahoma Auto Dealer Association. He also joined Regional Advertising Chrysler Auto Group as an advisory board member. Furthermore, he joined Chrysler Jeep Dodge Auto Group Regional Council for the same position. But the inception of his brilliant and successful career was dim and dull. Once, Nouri was a janitor at Universal Custodial Services while graduating from university to fulfill his expenses.

In 2015, Nouri decided to take a giant leap in his career. He left his full-fledged career with total annual revenue exceeding a quarter of a billion dollars and moved to California. He was weaponized with 30 years of distinctive experience in the auto industry. Nouri established his first automotive business named B.N. Dealerships Management, Inc. He co-founded Nouri/Shaver Automotive Group alongside his business partner, Pete Shaver. With his skills and expertise Nouri has developed over 14 New Cars Dealerships in Southern California and Oregon, with total revenue of $1.7 billion in 2021 and $2.1 billion in 2022.

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On 20 December 2022, Bob Nouri and Pete Shaver acquired a Chevrolet dealership from Performance Brokerage Services, North America’s highest-volume dealership brokerage firm. The deal was a symbolic move for Nouri and Shaver to actively grow their company and grab new opportunities in the automotive market. This was Nouri and Shaver’s 15thdealership. In 2021, Nouri/Shaver Automotive Group sold around 40,000 new and used vehicles, generating $1.75 billion in revenue.

Jason Stopnitzky, who is the exclusive agent and the Co-Founder of Performance Brokerage Services, commented on the deal by quoting:

“The Nouri/Shaver organization is beyond impressive, and I am confident that we are witnessing one of California’s biggest Chevrolet dealerships in the making. I am grateful for the opportunity to have helped them through this monumental event in their lives.”

Jerry Heuer, who is a veteran in the automobile industry and a partner in a Chevrolet dealership, showed his gratitude by stating:

“Bob Nouri is also absolutely a man of his word, and his organization was a delight to work with. With deep gratitude, I thank you both, and I pray that you have incredible success in the future.”

Besides being an exceptional entrepreneur and veteran board member of multiple prominent organizations, Nouri is an empathetic philanthropist. He has enthusiastically participated in many philanthropic activities. Nouri is one of the primary sponsors of Russell Westbrook’s, Why Not Foundation. Why Not Foundation is dedicated to children’s development and the perseverance of vulnerable communities by providing structured educational opportunities, workforce development, and accessible mental health resources.

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Nouri at the Voices out Fundraising program

In 2017, Nouri became a part of an Iranian-based organization named Farhang Foundation. It is committed to promoting and celebrating Iranian art and culture while benefiting society. Nouri served as a member of the board of trustees for Farhang Foundation. Since 2021, he has been serving as a director at Midnight Mission. This foundation is a human service organization in Los Angeles. They offer food, drug, and alcohol recovery services, safe sleep programs, rehabilitation services, educational training, etc. Moreover, Nouri is also a massive supporter of the City of Hope, one of the most significant cancer research and treatment organizations in the U.S.

Nouri was born in Tehran, Iran, on 20 November 1958, to Manoochehr Khajehnouri and Tooran Abasalti. Later he moved to New Jersey, U.S. At 19, Nouri relocated to Oklahoma. He first attended Ali Bazargani University (currently Allameh Tabatabai University) and later enrolled at Phillips University, where he accomplished his Bachelor of Arts degree focusing on Business Administration. His father was an electrical engineer, and his mother worked at the women’s institution as a tailoring teacher in Iran. Nouri has a sister named, Mehrzad and two older brothers, Mehrdad, who lives in Iran, and Mehran, who died in New Jersey from cancer in 2009. Nouri is married; he lives in California with his wife, Tara Nouri, and two children.

Conclusively, Bob Nouri is a thriving entrepreneur and a benevolent philanthropist. Nouri has a multidimensional career and is acing all of them like a pro. With his company and humanitarian activities, he has inspired millions throughout the globe. Nouri started his life from the bottom and worked his way up. However, by comprehensive judgment and determination, he arrived at this point. Nouri is also one of the longest-serving board members of the Hyundai National Dealer Council. In November of 2021, Nouri was honored as Citizen of the Year by the City of Van Nuys Police Department.

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