Eager to prove that they really are all about scientific, medical solutions for the ailing, as prescribed by state law, embattled area marijuana dispensaries have in the last week taken to naming a particularly potent form of cannabis after …

… Beyonce and Jay Z's newborn baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter.

Ah, yes, this will get us all to realize the pot dispensary game is really about making granny's bad back better:

Blue Ivy OG, or variants of it, have been making the rounds.



661 Medical, a “collective” in the Antelope Valley, recently advertised “Ivy Blue OG Kush” for the great price of just $55 for an “8th,” (via Twitter).

Now, when we put our lips to that glass pipe for a blast of powerful buddha, the first thing we want on our minds is a baby who's not even one-month-old yet. Really gets the healing going.

TMZ broke the news of the new strain, noting that “multiple” dispensaries in Hollywood were marketing Blue Ivy. Smart move as L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is proposing to shut down all collectives in town.

He has argued that pot shops aren't acting under California law, which allows for the sharing of weed on a nonprofit basis to benefit the “seriously ill.”

We'd call a strain named for a baby “seriously ill.” So what the problem is?

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