Mojave Grey Build Their House in the Sun: The men of innovative electro-pop duo Mojave Grey have both been producing and peforming for a decade.

“Our musical DNA is grounded in more of a rock, singer-songwriter foundation,” they say. “When we mixed that foundation with electronic music, Mojave Grey was born. I would say at the top of this year things started getting really serious.”

Today, they simply describe their sound as “dance music.”

“Music that captures the experience of living and creating in Joshua Tree,” they say. “We are both multi-instrumentalists so that helps us blend organic sounds with more polished synth-heavy beats. Somewhere between Rufus du Sol, Depeche Mode, and U2.”

The artists say that electronic music feels more relevant than ever right now.

“We are so excited to see these hybrid acts, similar to us, popping up,” they say. “Monolink, Night Tales, Rufus…Ones that aren’t only on the decks, they’re also adding live instruments. We feel the audience is craving that human element more and more.”

Their latest single is “House of the Sun.”

“Our single ‘House of the Sun’ is coming out early August,” they say. “We wrote the song this past winter during our residency in Aspen, CO.  We also recorded it in Aspen and then called upon our good friend and brilliant producer Dark Heart to take the song to the finish line. It’s been fun to have the song grow through our live performances. But this single will just be the start of a large onslaught of Mojave music rolling out through the end of the year.”

Looking ahead, Mojave Grey has plenty planned for the rest of 2023.

“We are hugely ambitious with the future of Mojave,” they say. “We’ll let our actions speak louder than our words, but we plan on creating an entire universe around Mojave Grey. Most importantly, an immersive live show experience unlike anything seen before.  We expect to continue performing all over the country, and beyond that, setting up for a monstrous 2024.”

Mojave Grey Build Their House in the Sun: Mojave Grey’s single “House of the Sun” is out early August.































































































































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