Bloggers are grabbing more and more power in the food world. Now they're about to get into Scoops, the wildly popular ice cream shop.

When Matthew Kang opens Scoops' Westside location in a couple of months, he plans to call on food bloggers to decide some of the flavors. For one week each month, he'll ask a featured blogger to introduce four favorite flavors, which could be anything from jackfruit and durian to ube, judging from the conversations he had the other day with several who wanted to sign on. A good friend of Scoops founder Tai Kim, Kang, 25, is a generous guy. He'll turn over a portion of one day's proceeds to the featured blogger's favorite charity.

It's no surprise that he's sympathetic to bloggers. He's one himself. Kang's site is Mattatouille, and he admits he's been neglecting it lately, because he's so busy with negotiations.

“The launch into foodie-dom started for me at Scoops,” Kang wrote on the blog last year. “I marveled at the amazing flavors and the paltry price of $2 for two scoops and only a buck for a refill (oh the days before expensive milk).”

The new Scoops will be an extension, not a franchise, Kang says, and he hopes to sign the lease early next week. He'll buy the ice cream from Kim and scoop it himself, because he wants to create the same friendly atmosphere as at the original Scoops, where he dropped in to study on the way home from college. He'll welcome writers and possibly offer them “open Internet” as well as other user friendly features to make the new shop a really cool (if not icy cold) place.

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