So how'd that Craigslist Casual Encounter hookup turn out? What about your AdultFriendFinder play date? No such luck finding the diamond in the rough? We hear you! Sometimes it feels like the search for a casual sex partner is as tiresome and mythical as the quest for true love.

But in case you have not yet given up hope of finding the right partner to match your sexual prowess and perversion, yesterday was the launch of Blendr, a new “dating” service/casual sex phone app/iPimp happy to find you a person to play sink the sausage with.

The best part? As if someone read your mind, the phone app is a location-based social service, like Grindr, which means you needn't travel more than a few feet to get laid — because there's nothing worse than driving 25 miles for some action, only to realize you would have had more fun shopping at IKEA with your roommate after all.

About the location-based social service via the intelligent, if not sometimes clueless, savants at The New York Times:

The app's creator, Joel Simkhai, says it is based on the notion that it doesn't take complicated matching software to find a mate, or even to meet a new friend. Knowing that someone with a shared love of dim sum or poker is nearby is enough to break the ice with that person and lead to a meeting.

“If someone speaks the same language or is also into cooking, or crafts, that's a strong basis of commonality and you might want to go meet them,” he said.

Crafts?! Cooking?! Awww, isn't that cute?! He thinks people will use Blendr to knit and make Hamburger Helper together! Don't you just love blind optimism?!

With Blendr, people can post status updates on Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare, and also allows a user to check-in so that other users have a nearby estimate – 200 feet away, etc. – and can locate other nearby users. In terms of security, worry not about that creepy old man hitting on you. You can adjust your settings so as to only meet people of a certain age, along with other privacy settings.

The app was developed by the same man responsible for Grindr, a popular app that helps gay men locate other gay men nearby.

Don't you just love living in a day and age where casual sex is easier and easier to come by, even if the ending still sucks? Here's hoping Blendr offers a better outcome than Craigslist and AdultFriendFinder. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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