Discrimination is an ugly thing (says the guy who gets keys tossed at him at the valet stand), so it's important we don't accuse innocents.

The city of Palmdale today announced that, in fact, that was the case when the California NAACP and The Community Action League brought a suit against it for alleged housing discrimination in government-supported apartments.

Turns out …

… it wasn't them.

As part of a settlement between the county, which administered federal housing cash and enforced rules via sheriff's deputies, and the civil rights groups, Palmdale was “vindicated,” the city says.

The suit claimed that the sheriff's deputies were used to roust and harass minority “Section 8” tenants in Palmdale and Lancaster in order to drive them out.

But Palmdale is now claiming victory, saying the only reason it was included in the suit was “because of the unfortunate misperception outside of the Antelope Valley that the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster are one and the same,” said Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford.

He adds:

Palmdale has always condemned discrimination and continues to condemn discrimination in any form. The City of Palmdale welcomes people from diverse backgrounds, including people who participate in the Section 8 program.

Okay, then, Mr. Mayor. Look out, because we're comin' to Palmdale! Don't say you didn't lay out the welcome mat.

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