Medusa Lounge’s quirky, over-the-top sensibility has always gone way beyond its Hogwarts-meets-Disneyland gothic décor. It offered the most diverse club-promoter mix in town, each night unique and attitude-free. We use the past-tense “offered” because word is the place’s fun-’n’-flashy rear dance room — and DJ nights in general — are to be vanquished by the end of this month due to economic woes, and, as of press time, many of the monthly parties remain homeless, making August your last chance to capture their magic. We highly recommend one such shindig, the Blackeyed Soul Club, the ultragroovy, mod/soul dance party thrown by Jackie Hoodoo and Jason Pandora. This one is for serious ’60s stylers by serious ’60s stylers, and for the final fete, they’ve got some of the best retro-lovin’ ragers in town on the decks:’s Agent Kari French, Dr. Ray and Tin Soldier. Giddy girls in go-go boots and miniskirts, spiffed-out, shimmying lads and swingin’ good vibes and sounds … what better way to shake it out of Medusa one last time? 3211 Beverly Blvd., L.A.; Fri., Aug. 14, 9 p.m.-2 a.m.; free; For info on the remaining dance-club schedule this month see

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