Probably our favorite restaurant deal site, BlackboardEats, which has managed to maintain our loyalty despite going from being a free service to charging to back to free again — and adding on the now-discontinued online shopping component — has once again reinvented itself. The (still free) service from which subscribers get daily emails offering (free!) discounts to some of L.A.'s most notable restaurants is now giving those restaurants more of a chance to take the reigns with a new component, BlackboardList.

Via this new sister service, restaurants are encouraged to come up with their own special deals for subscribers instead of being chained to the 30% discount model. This comes in addition to BlackboardEats weekly specials, meaning diners simply have more exclusive offers to choose from. (At no cost! Did we mention that?)

Member restaurants, which include Lukshon, Sotto, Mozza2Go and Lazy Ox Canteen, can choose from one of the pre-approved specials such as a complimentary glass of wine, complimentary appetizer, exclusive cocktail, exclusive dish or a discount. However they can also create their own completely personalized deal, which BlackboardEats hopes will encourage creativity, allowing restaurants to come up with benefits they believe will suit their clientele.

In addition to this, BlackboardList also provides users with a dining guide including with restaurant reviews and menu suggestions.

For restaurants, membership costs $125 a month, and comes with the freedom to update their perk anytime. BlackboardEats does them (and us) the solid of blasting a roundup of the new perks via email.

But we diners still incur no upfront cost. In case that was unclear.

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