The Los Angeles Fire Department must have earned its wings with the animal-rights brigade. (Question: Why is adapting a pet now also called a “rescue?” Discuss).

Anyway, the department was called to the he 5300 block of Elvira Road in Woodland Hills last night about 7:18 p.m. for a real animal rescue.

All that valuable taxpayer-funded manpower was there for …

… “an animal in peril,” according to the department.

Good thing your grandmother wasn't in peril at the same time.

Apparently a hawk was entangled in a what was believed to possibly be kite line high above the ground — between a tree and utility pole.

The firefighters raised a ladder 40 feet up, climbed it, and cut the line, freeing the bird. The LAFD:

The hawk was gingerly placed in a lightweight sack to protect it from further harm, and entrusted to the care of a responder from the Department of Animal Services.

Interestingly, the department notes that if you come across such a situation, don't call them, call animal services — 888-452-7381 — maybe so the LAFD can focus on human rescues.

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