Black Friday is the time for doorbuster electronics sales, deeply discounted fashion and, oh yeah, purchasing holiday gifts for loved ones. And it's also becoming a big shopping day for medical marijuana.

Baker, a firm that provides customer engagement and marketing software for dispensaries in California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, reports that “Green Friday” sales are double those of a typical Friday.  That estimate is based on an analysis of last year's sales in medical and recreational states, according to the firm. This year, with California celebrating recreational legalization, the pot industry could see even better numbers.

“We are expecting a much more significant bump than the spike in orders that we saw last year, and we are bringing on an additional support specialist to help during this busy season,” says Baker CEO Joel Milton.

Milton says he believes that buyers are stocking up for the holidays and buying accessories and perhaps even some “medicine” as gifts and party favors. “Rather than just pick up a bottle of wine, it's more and more acceptable to pick up some cannabis products,” he says.

Buying medical marijuana for a non-medical user is technically illegal, but after the Nov. 8 passage of Proposition 64, possessing medical pot without a doctor's recommendation is perfectly legal (as long as it's an ounce or less).

Pre-rolled joints are big sellers on Green Friday, suggesting that some may indeed be used as gifts, Milton says. In the last few days, however, sales of concentrates (hash, wax, shatter, oil) in the dispensaries served by Baker have tripled, he says. “I think customers were stocking up to give cannabis gifts to their loved ones in time for the New Year.”

Sales of edibles — brownies, cookies and candy — have remained steady both in recent days and during Green Friday last year, he points out. Maybe nobody wants grandma to get sick.

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