Bitton & Associates: Uncovering the Hidden Injustices in the Workplace

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Although they have many legal protections, corporate employees often face David vs. Goliath situations that discourage them from asserting their rights. Take Amelia, a marketing assistant in one of the country’s giant tech firms, for example. Amelia recently discovered a grave injustice: her employer has been quietly skimming employees’ commissions for years, leaving them underpaid and demoralized. This is a familiar story in many workplaces today, but many workers do not know who to turn to for help. Ophir J. Bitton, Esq., the brilliant legal mind behind Bitton & Associates, is a champion for the underrepresented and wronged.

“Often, employees do not know many of the ways they have been exploited,” Bitton explains. “An employee might come to us because they were fired wrongfully, not realizing that they also were never paid properly, or were shorted benefits, or were retaliated for being injured and needing accommodations.” Bitton & Associates doesn’t back down from the challenge. To them, no case is too insignificant, and no wrongdoing too concealed.

“When we meet an employee, we explore every aspect of their job and uncover all sorts of employer schemes to exploit employees,” Bitton shares. No matter how big or small a case may be, the team ensures they understand the larger issue at play first: the systemic problem that demands resolution. As Bitton says, most injustices often mirror what many others endure at work. That’s why, when fitting, the team isn’t afraid to lead class action lawsuits to get justice for not only their client but their co-workers as well.

Bitton & Associates’ approach is comprehensive, covering a wide range of legal cases. From personal injury matters to employment-related disputes, the team brings a level of dedication and expertise that ensures each client’s voice is heard and that justice prevails. The team’s impressive track record speaks for itself. For example, in one case, B&A successfully secured compensation for over 8,000 employees who were subjected to illegal wage practices.  In another case, B&A fought for a woman who was severely sexually harassed at work and secured a significant settlement from an employer who denied and trivialized its wrongful acts and that of its supervisors.  There are numerous cases just like these where employees were wronged in compensation disputes, exploited, and suffered from workplace sexual harassment and discrimination and turned to B&A to assert their rights.

Each case won fulfills Bitton’s lifelong desire: to give employees a voice. A top-tier law school graduate, Bitton cut his teeth at the globally renowned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), LLP. There, he honed his skills in business planning, employment issues, and taxation. Later, he transitioned into employment litigation and litigation prevention, focusing on employer issues. That’s when he realized the pervasive injustices lurking within most workplaces and decided to change tack again.

“I started Bitton & Associates in December of 2006 because I wanted employees to know they have a voice and are not alone,” he explains. This commitment to justice doesn’t discriminate based on job title. Whether you’re a minimum-wage worker or a high-ranking executive, Bitton & Associates offers a free, comprehensive, no-obligation employment review to help individuals understand their rights and ensure fair treatment.

Other services include representing exploited workers who work long hours without required meals and rest breaks and helping employees who are discriminated against or harassed as a result of their race, gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, military status, sexual orientation, and other such protected classes. They also protect employees who experience retaliation for asserting legal rights and help families combat pregnancy-related discrimination and violations related to family medical leave, among other things.

In a world where giant corporations seem untouchable, Bitton & Associates is the beacon of hope. With their multilingual staff, they bridge language barriers to ensure everyone’s voice is heard, irrespective of their native tongue. Whatever you need, these aren’t just attorneys; they’re fierce champions for justice, unafraid of any workplace Goliath.

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