Psych… The slide show of Project Runway's final five designer collections at Bryant Park on may have led us to believe there were 5 finalists up for the grand prize this year, but apparently it was some kind of runway ruse.

Former LA Weekly staffer and Club Fuck/Sin-a-matic doorgirl Sweet P was auf'd last night. Though she is a pal, we have to agree with the judges decision based on the last challenge. Peacocks offer so many audacious style options, this P's cock was much too simple.

Lucha Va Voom's Ursulina shaking her tail feathers in this great ensemble (below) is only one of a handful of directions she could've/should've gone.

According to last night's show, Chris and Rami will compete for the final spot, but the slideshow suggests they both go to Bryant Park. (Or maybe, they let 'em all show simply to keep the element of surprise?)

Time will tell, but our other theory is that they let both boys in, and our girl Mz. P wins Fan Favorite. As a special prize they let her present some designs as well.

Speaking of Lucha, it is Valentine's Day, and you wont find a more unique affair for the holiday than this lively eve of “sex y violencia.”

Another sexy -okay salacious- soiree for our gay boys with or without a squeeze: Mario Diaz's new club at MJs on Hyperion, called modestly (for him), Swallow, which debuts this Friday, the 15th.

And 3 nights you'll LOVE not matter what your romantic situation may be, check out Echo Park Records' mega-bash with Guns n Bombs, The Arabian Prince (NWA), Very Be Careful, Glass Candy and many more, tonight thru Sun.. Feb. 16.

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By now you’ve surely OD’d on Grammy fashion critiques (Nelly Furtado was the worst, Amy Winehouse one of the best in our book; she’s such a Tim Burton-esque character doncha think?) We actually attended the awards, but from our seat, all we could see was Chris Brown’s White Stripes homage (too much white though)…. And Brooke Hogan’s hair. Seriously.

We also saw Little Richard up close and personal as he was being wheeled out of Staples center, and whoaaaaa, talk about a monument of pancake, sequins and dippity do!

In this week’s Nightranger we give you all the scoop on the Grammy parties' gilded excesses and velvet rope messes. Also check out our new slideshow (the Grammy bash edition should be up tonight) and read the previous post for more dish from the lion's dens.

Humps and kisses…

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