Chocolate, classic vanilla and red velvet cakes are now order-ahead offerings from Jen Shen, pastry chef at Wilshire in Santa Monica (as are more nuptials-appropriate versions with mascarpone cream and white chocolate fillings). Shen's seasonal pastry offerings, such as passion fruit parfait with coconut tres leches, will also still be available.

The pint sized versions of celebration cakes (we're talking cupcakes, of course) have blessed us with undrinkable wine, some serious icing debt, and more cupcake storefronts than any self-respecting city can possibly support. In the cupcake's saccharine aftermath, how birthday and anniversary cakes will fare in fine dining establishments is yet to be determined. Slice carefully.

Wilshire: 2454 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, (310) 586-1707.

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