BillyBio Finds Yeezus: BillyBio, aka Billy Graziadei (formerly of Biohazard) told us about his surprising love for Kanye West.

Billy Graziadei: “What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?” is even harder to answer than the most common question I get, “If you were stranded on an island and can only take five of your favorite albums, what would they be?”!!!

I tell a story on my Patreon about how I got to tour with Metallica after I chased Lars Ulrich down at an after hours club in NYC. That tour had to be one of the top tours ever, Metallica absolutely killed it every night and blew my mind! Touring the world with Slayer was completely insane and to top them all off, has to be the many tours (2 month long parties) I did with Pantera! Those stories are ‘far beyond’ crazzzzzy! But if I had to choose the most impressive and sonically impressive concert and by far the heaviest of heavy, who would that be? I think you should sit down for this one.

I got tickets from my manager Izzy who was working with an artist making a lot of noise and rising to the top of the food chain! My young daughter was a fan so I brought her a long. We hung out backstage at The Forum here in LA waiting for curtain call and then made it to our seats. As soon as the lights went out I was hit in the stomach with the most powerful sound I’ve ever heard! More powerful than Metallica, Slayer, Pantera and Motörhead all blended together in one auditory assault! My fillings shook loose as the hair on my arms vibrated with the deep sound waves, making my skin itch more than when I had poison ivy during summer vacation in 1985!

I stood their in awe, floured by the deep bass and the quality of sound! I had searched for that kind of power from a live show my whole life. With Van Halen being my first concert, this was my daughters first concert and what an amazing experience it was for us both! Who was this artist you ask? Kanye West!

Yeah, I know, it’s not metal or hardcore or punk but he delivered a show sonically and creatively more powerful than anything I had seen before or since! I still love my metal/hardcore/punk but don’t ever dismiss the power of other genres just because it’s ‘not your thing’, you may just miss out on an incredible experience!

BillyBio Finds Yeezus: BillyBio’s “One Life to Live” single is out now. The Leaders and Liars album is out March 25.

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