If you go out to dinner a lot, with groups of friends or colleagues or random people you meet in bars or at food blogger camps or even IACP award dinners, you may run across the occasional math problem when it comes to divvying up the check. Making soufflés and conching chocolate being easier for some people than long division. This is particularly true if there are individual caveats, like somebody who always orders the foie supplement, or somebody else who doesn't drink. Because haggling over the check can sometimes be as unseemly as, oh I don't know, live-tweeting your dinner, this can get awkward. Fortunately, there's an app for this.

Called Billr, the 99-cent app — a lot cheaper than covering your friend's glasses of 2010 Calera Viognier — lets you choose the size of your party, then punch in the applicable items for each person. The app then calculates tax and tip separately, with those numbers being adjustable for what state you're in and what kind of a cheap bastard you are. You then get the individual results, which you can then share by either passing around your phone or by texting or emailing the information to the guy ignoring you across the table. No more confusion, polite or otherwise.

The app works for up to 16 people (time to head to Park's BBQ) and is available on iTunes.

LA Weekly