Zach Galifianakis threw a tantrum last month when “Hangover” director Todd Philips so much as considered giving the world's biggest arse a few minutes of screentime in the July 2011 sequel to the No. 1 bromantic comedy of the ots.

Whoaa Toddy, antisemitism and misogyny are so not hilarious, Galifianikis communicated to his creative partner (though he was more elusive in public discourse: “in deep protest … up in arms about something”), all beetlike and sincere, his T-Rex arms crossed atop his baby fat. Anyway — diva won, and Mel Gibson's out.

Let's see: Who's equally famous, plus a little bit infamous, with midlife-crisis sex appeal and the ability to inspire nostalgia for iconic politi-pop-culture past on the flash of a dimple, while forever staying a modern handsome awesome everyday dude?

By George — the Lewinskinator. Why didn't we think of that?

Bill Clinton's presidential infidelity seems to have left a more forgivable impression on the “Hangover 2” talent, because within a few short weeks of Mel's dismissal, his cameo was already taped and filed neatly away with the rest of the what-happens-in-Bangkok footage.

He didn't even have to dress up — or go anywhere. Since Clinton played himself, all the '90s Democrat darling required was a few extra security guards. The stars aligned: He was (weirdly) already in Bangkok last week to give a lecture at the Government House called “Embracing Our Common Humanity” — wisdom from which Gibson might well have benefited, if dude hadn't been asked to please not show up anymore. Shame. Instead, he was busy baring his bank account to the haters and getting told off by still more rising pipsqueaks in Hollywood. Oh, and blowing the $750,000 he got from Philips on a “pay or play” deal for “The Hangover 2.” Suck on that, Galifianikis.

Technically, Gibson's original role as Bangkok tattoo artist will be filled by Liam Neeson, but who wants to talk about that big Irish softie? We are glad he's moving up from chick-flick hell, though. Congrats on that. And existing within the same two-hour drunk-friendship lesson as Bill Clinton.

Until then, join Republicans everywhere as they man-crush on Clinton in last night's episode of the “Daily Show.”

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