Six years ago this weekend women and supporters of women took to the streets of America to protest Donald Trump’s election and the threat his presidency might have on women’s rights.  We knew that the Trump’s administration’s decisions would be bad for women, but looking back, it ended up being even worse than we could have imagined, for women, BIPOC and LGBTQ Americans. On June 24, 2022, Trump’s conservative-packed court overturned a women’s right to an abortion, a choice we have had for 5 decades. This Sunday, January 22, on the 50th anniversary of Roe V Wade, Women’s March events return across the country to tell the world that despite what we’ve lost, we won’t stop fighting. With the slogan “Bigger Than Roe,” the movement is now is about mobilization at the polls.

From the Women’s March website: “We are putting all politicians on notice: If you come for our families, our freedoms, or our future, we are coming for your seat. Our movement is strong. Our movement is growing. Our movement is bigger than Roe.”

In Los Angeles there’ll be a few ways to show your support, including a backyard concert in Venice (Gritty in Pink will be involved) and a screening of The Janes (an HBO documentary that looks at the past and shows us the future of reproductive rights in the US) followed by a town hall panel discussion. More info at



Read more about the fight for reproductive right in our cover story from November:

Safe Haven: Abortion is Enshrined in California’s Constitution, but the Fight Isn’t Over


Safe Haven: Abortion is Enshrined in California’s Constitution, but the Fight Isn’t Over
















































































































































































































































































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