Beyond Traditional Work Practices – Hounder Digital Design and Development Is Changing the Tech Space

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Technology is ever evolving – with each passing day, new developments impact the progress of tech companies’ operations. This expansion calls for the implementation of the latest strategies. In this regard, Joshua Northcott and his team at Hounder offer desired results with a non-traditional approach, ready to cater to the client with efficient and budget-friendly solutions.

Hounder was co-established by Northcott and his partner Justin Hough as a way to revolutionize the software services industry. As seasoned veterans in this field, Northcott and Hough felt the absence of client-oriented service – they noticed that some of the biggest partnering agencies often failed to provide results, causing a major loss to clients. Cost-friendly, quality projects were not delivered on time. These issues especially took a severe turn for small startups with limited budgets and resources to tackle such projects.

Being in the industry for more than a decade, Northcott’s expert eye was able to detect the causes behind such issues. He found traditional creative and technical practices to be redundant. These old-school practices were damaging in an industry that required a keep-up approach. Most companies followed an antiquated work setup, with a spread-apart team and numerous projects dispersed across the company, leaving the workflow unorganized.

Given the enormity of these issues and their causes, Northcott and Hough decided to establish their venture to rectify the situation. Thus, Hounder was established in 2016, dead set on delivering the top-notch services to big and small enterprises.

Recalling the company’s objective and intention, Northcott notes, “The goal was to have an all-star team that only took on a few projects at a time to provide a focused effort and deliver amazing results, on time and on budget.”

Hounder’s close-knit squad of seasoned experts adopted a focused approach, undertaking only a few projects at a time, always budget-friendly and timely. This centralized approach made the company different from the big-name agencies. Not only have they adopted the latest tools and employed client-focused strategies, but have built a stripe-earned team of experts whose skill has made Hounder stand out from the rest.

Long story short, the company soon became a household name in the software services industry. It has worked with companies like Adobe, Esri, Enview, Rideamigos, Blackbaud, and more. Staying true to their goal of providing apt services within budget, the company has also worked with new entrepreneurial setups.

Noting Hounder’s revolutionary role, Northcott says, “We’re a disruption in the software services industry. We take pride in our unique approach to the client relationship, our dream team of all-star designers, developers, architects, and marketers, and in how open and transparent we are with who is doing the work and how it will get done on-time and on budget.

Considering the positive and productive impact of Northcott’s company, it should come as no surprise when the company continues to attain milestone after milestone. With a team willing to take on any challenge and good client relationships, the company’s growth will be worth looking out for.

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