Beyond the Stage with Gogol Bordello at Detour

Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz outside his trailer.; Credit: Shannon Cottrell

Gypsy punk phenomenon Gogol Bordello is known for “striking the power” on stage, but L.A. Weekly got curious as to what the band does off stage as well. Camera in hand, we followed the band around back stage for one hour prior to their performance. Click the image below for the exclusive slideshow and get a more intimate look at Detour's most colorful headliner.

Frontman Eugene Hutz plays guitar outside his trailer. Photograph by Shannon Cottrell.

If you missed last week's interview with Gogol's romani raconteur, Eugene Hutz, read it here.

Before the band took the stage, we captured on video Gogol Bordello's pre-show “chant” ritual. Watch it below.

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