Beyond the Hype: The Top 10 Network Marketers Who Have Earned Their Stripes

Gone are the days when people have to rely on a single source of income or struggle to climb the corporate ladder. Network marketing can provide you with endless opportunities to have a flexible career path that aligns with your lifestyle or an opportunity to let your entrepreneurship skills take the driving seat. Network Marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), is a world where entrepreneurship meets community. A thriving industry that has revolutionized the way people do business and achieve financial freedom. It might not sound convincing but what if someone is experiencing all these things? Would you believe it then? Below is the list of individuals who not only have a career in this field but also master what they do. All come from unconventional backgrounds and have proven the potential this industry has.

#1 Justin Prince

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At just 42 years old, Justin Prince has established himself as a global entrepreneur in the network marketing world. With a stellar career, Justin has successfully built five multimillion-dollar businesses, generating a remarkable $2 billion in revenue. His achievements are truly awe-inspiring.

Justin’s expertise has led him to share the stage with renowned icons such as John C. Maxwell, Jamie Kern Lima, and Ed Mylett. As an acclaimed keynote speaker, he captivates audiences worldwide with his wisdom and passion.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Justin is a devoted family man. He cherishes his role as a loving husband and proud father of four, making his success even more meaningful.

Looking ahead, Justin has ambitious goals. He aims to continue generating wealth and building passive income through his investment company, Prince Capitol. Additionally, he aspires to establish himself as one of the most impactful online brands through his Prince media platform.

Justin Prince is a true inspiration, showcasing the possibilities that lie within network marketing and demonstrating the importance of hard work, dedication, and a heart-centred approach to success.

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#2 Rob Sperry

Screenshot 2023 06 23 at 8.12.56 AMRob Sperry, a 40-year-old network marketing expert from the US, is passionate about helping others scale their businesses. With a focus on core fundamentals, he guides network marketers and direct sales experts in achieving million-dollar success without the fluff. Rob’s expertise covers tap rooting, recruitment, retention, residual income, and effective social media strategies.

As an international speaker, coach, and trainer, Rob shares his experiences through 11 books. These books offer proven strategies and insights from industry leaders, helping readers overcome fears and enhance their network marketing skills. Recognized as the #1 trainer by Business For Home, Rob achieved the highest level in a multi-billion dollar company within his first year.

Rob’s future goals include fostering collaboration opportunities for industry leaders and supporting business growth. While he thrives on collaborative projects, his true passion lies in the time freedom to be present for his family’s important moments. Rob Sperry’s journey showcases the power of determination, knowledge, and collaboration in network marketing success.

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#3 Wes Bewley

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Wes Bewley is an inspiring entrepreneur from the United States. He started his business at such a young age and yet managed to generate 200 million dollars in sales and counting.

What started as a means to pay for college quickly surpassed all expectations. After just three semesters, Wes was earning more than his professors. Recognizing the immense potential of his business, he took a leap of faith at the age of 19, dropping out of school to focus entirely on expansion.

But the sun can never be bright all the time. Wes encountered challenges along the way, even experiencing homelessness at one point. But Wes was persistent to succeed to the point where he grew one of the fastest-growing teams twice. One from 2000-2019 and the other from 2019 to the present day.  He also achieved top rank in both of them.

Wes aspires to continue growing his business & to continue being an ambassador and friend to the entire affiliate marketing industry.

Wes Bewley’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and the rewards that await those who dare to chase their dreams.

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#4 Andrew Logan

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Andrew Logan, a living proof that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and create a life you love. Andrew spent his 20s unsuccessfully searching for something other than the ordinary. Before finding his niche, and success, in Network Marketing just as he turned 30.

Recognizing the potential this industry has, Andrew with his wife, Angie, started working to build their business. 2 years later they both left their careers, continuing to build their business and achieving a 7 figure income by their 5th year. During their build, they also made wise investments, leveraging their income into an impressive property portfolio of 14 houses and land holdings, ensuring they created true wealth and a lasting legacy for their children.

His passion for teaching the art of money management led him to coach and train money mindset and wealth creation skills to individuals worldwide in locations like Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the USA, the UK & Europe.

His wisdom has garnered him awards like Man of the Year, Shooting Stars, and Top Leader in Action. Andrew is also the author of “The Way Out, the 7 Steps to Financial Freedom through Network Marketing” along with “The Way Out Together – The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Network Marketing Business as a Couple”. He hosts his Podcast, ‘The Way Out’ – and a Youtube Channel, ‘Leverage to Legacy’, both providing business skills and financial mindsets to help people create more freedom in their lives.

With an impressive track record, Andrew is determined to change people’s perception of Network Marketing, revealing its true potential as an incredible vehicle to create cash-flow and the best-kept secret in wealth creation.

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#5 Sarah Zolecki

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Sarah Zolecki, a master connector and the founder of Modere. With 25 years of experience in the field and a contagious passion for people, Sarah is a force to be reckoned with. Her story is no less than the definition of remarkable, starting as a nanny and now sitting on a White House committee alongside the 50 most influential businesswomen.

Ten years ago, Sarah and her husband, Tony, started from scratch and built an astonishing global $200 million-dollar-a-year business with over 1,700,000 customers.

When Sarah takes the stage, she delivers high-energy presentations that creatively combine laugh-out-loud authentic humor and compelling insight to develop your business. She has captivated audiences at GoPro, The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing, Believe Event, Mastermind Event, and Real Savvy Success.

Sarah’s capabilities and ambitions go beyond speaking engagements. Her name has graced the best-selling author title and the pages of numerous publications. Sarah Zolecki’s goal is to empower another 10,000 female entrepreneurs to design their life through Network Marketing while building a wildly successful business.

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#6 Brian Fryer

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Brian Fryer a.k.a. Coach Fryer is one of the top Social Media & Business Coaches for Network Marketers/Social Sellers all around the world. Brian’s journey is not even slightly like any conventional story. He was a professional baseball player for 8-years before discovering network marketing in 2007.

The initial 4 years had numerous road bumps in the path. He faced countless challenges and made no money. But, Brian being the competitive athlete he was, never accepted defeat. He harnessed the power of social media platforms and adopted attraction marketing. That was the turning point for him in business.

Brian climbed his way to become the #4 income earner in his second company. During that time he enrolled over 700+ customers and 100+ builders.

Brian gave his professional chapter another page when he transitioned into Coaching. Brian has coached over 450+ Top Earners in Network Marketing and 10,000+ Network Marketers have come through his programs. He also founded the ‘Social Impacter Movement’ in 2018, further demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact.

Brian’s talent has no bounds. He is not only an international speaker but also has been a two-time best-selling author. Moreover, he has been inducted into the Network Marketing Ambassador Hall of Fame.

Brian’s mission is to positively impact and educate the network marketing profession on how to build a successful business on social media with integrity and authenticity.

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#7 Jessica Green

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Jessica Green, from the United States, is the true game changer. She is the driving force behind Self-Made.Biz & Succes Factory providing entrepreneurs the roadmap for scaling businesses rapidly. Her ability to accomplish anything is her trademark. With her technical expertise, strong work ethic, and exceptional leadership skills, she consistently stays at the top of her game.

Jessica’s story is a true example of turning adversity into triumph. She is a runaway teen who turned her life around to become a successful multi-millionaire adult.

Jessica, with 18 years of experience, is a dynamic business owner with many interests and facets. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs find their superpowers and gain the mental toughness they need to excel in the online business world.

As a top network marketing leader and has reached millionaire status in just  2.5 years in her second company. Her work has made her featured in Company Magazine and made her a millionaire recipient with Le-Vel. And To even provide business coaching and consulting, she launched her own business and event company Self-Made.Biz.

Jessica Green is the epitome of a game changer, transforming lives and businesses with her expertise and unwavering determination.

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#8 Aaron Byerlee

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Aaron Byerlee, a seasoned Australian entrepreneur, has made an indelible mark in the direct sales industry.

Started the profession at just 19, Aaron faced hardships but persevered. At just the age of 22, he purchased a physical business, a gym, intertwining his passion for fitness and network marketing. After years he honed his skills, immersing himself in the network marketing industry while managing the gyms, he hit the 6 figure income in this domain in 2009.

Despite setbacks, he joined an anti-ageing company in 2011 and rapidly reached a 7-figure income within 3 years of his joining.

Aaron’s professionalism and dedication earned him the trust of people in the marketplace, leading him to build his own brand, Deck Chair Millionaire, with 200,000 customers in 103 countries in just 7 years, his success has been recognized through awards like Rising Star, Distributor of the Year, Diamond Director, Millionaires Club, Founders Club and A Top Income Earner Globally.

Aaron’s passion is to mentor individuals to reach their highest potential. Aaron aims to reshape the direct sales industry with the help of tools created by him and by emphasizing professionalism and authenticity.

Aaron exemplifies integrity, mentorship, and transformative leadership. His dedication to truth and empowerment is rewriting the industry’s success narrative.

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#9 Michelle Van Etten

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Michelle Van Etten has built a remarkable career as an entrepreneur and networking professional by overcoming every challenge throughout her career.

Starting as a scrapbook teacher, Michelle left her creative mark on over 100 publications. Her real triumph, though, came when she identified her network marketing skill. Michelle endured despite early disappointments because she understood the value of fortitude for her children.

Michelle focused on mistakes, navigated lawsuits, and developed negotiation skills while building successful teams. Her achievements in direct sales have surpassed seven figures, elevating her standing in multiple companies. She has also partnered with Bella Grace Global and is currently on a mission to bridge the gap between influencer marketing and network marketing.

As the CEO & Founder of “Unstoppable Angels”, she draws inspiration from her challenges. Michelle’s tenacity is shown in her achievements as a female in Network marketing who has graced the stage of the Republican National Convention 2016.

She is an international best-selling author who has been awarded the rising star award. Moreover, she was also the sole representative for women in business for Trump at the 2016 RNC.

With a vision to lead a movement of Unstoppable Angels and make a positive impact on humanity, Michelle Van Etten is a beacon of empowerment and resilience.

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#10 Erika Dale

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Erika Dale, an amazing person from the United States, has embraced network marketing as a means to break free from traditional job constraints and create a life of freedom.

Introduced to Network marketing in 2012, she initially rejected it outrightly but changed her perspective when she needed extra income. Despite lacking mentorship, she continued and started over in a new company in 2015. Within 3.5 years she reached the top 0.5% of the industry, finding her passion in network marketing. Her team is currently doing 1.2 million in sales a year and is steadily growing.

Recognizing the need for flexible approaches, she mastered utilizing social media platforms to build a successful network. She used her insights in her e-book ‘Network Marketing Recruiting on Social Media’ and co-authored ‘Recruit Your Way to 6 Figures’ with Rob Sperry. Holding a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition to promote overall well-being.

Erika’s strategies have led to impressive recruitment records, earning her incentive trips and the prestigious Elite Pro 7 rank at LifeVintage. Her future goal is to help at least 10 teammates achieve 6-figure incomes by 2025.

Erika Dale’s journey has the true spirit of perseverance and transformation. She has broken down limits and redefined possibilities with her unyielding ambition and tenacity.

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