Beverly Hills has swimming pools and movie stars.

And now it has the dreaded West Nile Virus. Or, rather, a chicken in the Franklin Canyon area (actually, this is north of B.H. but still in the 90210 zip code) came down with the bug, reports West Hollywood Patch.

The mosquito-borne illness can cause serious illness and even death for the elderly, although that's rare. Still, it won't take much to get the blue bloods of the hills to roll up their windows and avoid contact with the natives (which is what they do anyway).

Even the rich should be cautious while enjoying life alfresco. Patch:

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Residents should also ensure that the doors and windows to their homes have tight-fitting screens to keep mosquitoes out. The insects lay their eggs in standing water and all sources of standing water should be eliminated from one's property, including flowerpots, rain gutters and pet water bowls. Swimming pools, hot tubs and ornamental ponds should be properly maintained. If you have a pond, use mosquito fish (you can obtain these fish free of cost from the district by calling 310-915-7370).

In 2011 75 L.A. County zip codes have reported West Nile in animals and mosquitoes.

How they kept it out of the greater B.H. area for this long is a wonder. Maybe the equally venomous Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kept it at bay.


LA Weekly