A high-profile has shocked one of the world's most-elite societies — Hollywood. And a small-town police force has taken it upon itself to investigate. But this is no ordinary small town (population 36,000):

Beverly Hills, wrote Raymond Chandler, has “the best policed four square miles in California.”

Still? We asked the BHPD if they were well-equipped to deal with the high-profile homicide case of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, gunned down in the city early last Tuesday.

“We hire the best of the best,” Sgt. Lincoln Hoshino of the BHPD told the Weekly.

Indeed, it's a desirable place to be for police-academy grads and veterans alike. But why not contract out big, complicated homicide investigations to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department like every other small city?

“We do have very qualified people working in our detectives section,” Hoshino says. “We have less cases to work so we can dedicate more time and energy to a particular case.”

LA Weekly