L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has been all a-Twitter this week about Beverly Hills' BMW's long-planned move down Wilshire Boulevard to the city of Los Angeles.

Tweetith hizzoner this week: “Beverly Hills BMW is the first dealership to move to LA in 25 Years! Welcome, we are so happy to have you.”

Of course, what he doesn't tell you is that …

… Beverly Hills BMW, like other dealerships in the gilded city, have space needs that outstripped its dense digs on Wilshire; the business used off-site lots on Olympic Boulevard to store cars and had to have runners shuffle them back and forth to show customers.

(A Lexus dealership on Wilshire Boulevard is lobbying the city of Beverly Hills to approve an expansion that would let it have more of its operations — and cars — on-site).

Also, we imagine, rent isn't exactly cheap.

Beverly Hills BMW ... of Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills BMW … of Los Angeles.

So “Beverly Hills BMW” will end up in Miracle Mile, creating, according to the mayor's office, $150 million in annual revenues and creating 50 new jobs.

Not bad, considering that car sellers represent the biggest sales tax generator in the city (don't tell that to AEG and its NFL stadium dreams).

But we have one point of order:

If the dealership is going to move to Miracle Mile and ditch its tony digs to the west, shouldn't it be forced to change its name?

Somehow Miracle Mile BMW doesn't have the same ring.

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