Betsy Brings Bitch Back to the Whisky: L.A. ‘80s metal stalwarts Bitch, led by the inimitable Betsy Bitch, remain a force of nature to this day. A Bitch show on the Strip is always an experience. “I think now the definition of metal is like speed metal or death metal,” Betsy told us in 2018. “I classify us as like metal lite, I guess. We really want the emphasis to be on the songs and the hooks. We still want to be heavy, but we want to be melodic.”

“Being a woman in an all-boys club definitely got us more attention, so there are no regrets there,” she continued in 2018. “It was definitely a positive thing and it got us noticed. The fact is that we could back it up with the songs and the talent and remain on the same level. It worked out well, and it got us the attention we needed at first to get people’s attention.”

They certainly did get people’s attention, not least with that name.

“When we first started out, it was a bit more taboo than it is now,” Bitch says. “That was actually the mindset behind the Betsy album, that maybe the name Bitch was holding us back because it was more risqué back then than it is now. But no, what more perfect name for a female-fronted heavy metal band than Bitch? It’s always been my favorite band name. I didn’t even want to change it to Betsy, it was just sort of an experiment. You hear it all the time now. It’s not bleeped out now, you won’t see asterisks after it in print. It’s more widely accepted now, I think.”

Betsy Brings Bitch Back to the Whisky: The event takes place at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 9 at the Whisky A Go Go.






































































































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