A wonderland of eclectic print art, Book Show drew hard-core zine lovers and curious tourists alike to peruse its carefully curated collection, which runs from a table-sized dictionary to a zine all about potatoes. Owner Jen Hitchcock, a former L.A. Weekly writer, says her zines appeal to people who have no idea what a zine is — a parody of True Detective called “Clown Detectives,” or “Lights on Sepulveda,” a photo-zine of every intersection of Sepulveda by day and night. For the last year, the shop has been located inside Nomad Gallery, an “art compound” convenient to the L.A. River Bike Path. But Hitchcock recently announced she's giving up still-blossoming Frogtown for a more established neighborhood. “I love where I am but just can't get the foot traffic to make it happen,” she says. She plans to reopen by Oct. 11 at 55th Avenue and Figueroa — making Frogtown's loss a big gain for Highland Park. —Isaac Simpson

5503 N. Figueroa, Highland Park, 90042. bookshowla.com.

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