In any city, certain local bakeries and coffee shops operate as a network of anti-Starbucks places where people hook up to Wi-Fi and order a coffee and a pastry and literally plug in. In Los Angeles, a city that runs on freelancers and writers (your screenplay, my food blog), there are plenty of these waystations but fewer top-notch restaurants where this is possible than you'd perhaps expect. This has changed recently, and most happily so on the Westside, with the opening of Superba Food + Bread. It's a terrific jigsaw of a restaurant, with a bakery, a coffee shop and an all-day restaurant fitted seamlessly into a former garage. When it opens at 7 a.m., the parking lot is mostly empty, the pastries and breads are still warm, and the Wi-Fi is running as smoothly as the La Marzocco. Order a Gibraltar from the barista, a smoked duck croissant from the pastry chef, and get an hour's work done before the full breakfast starts, at which point chef Jason Travi may bring you your plate of Moroccan eggs himself. —Amy Scattergood

1900 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, 90291. (310) 907-5075,

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