The Roger Room probably isn't what pops to mind when you think of a WeHo bar. There's no velvet rope, no half-dressed hotties, no hordes of beautiful people texting that they'd rather be somewhere else. Instead, it is nearly the perfect place to drink. Behind that barely marked doorway — thick red curtains, with a gentle breeze suggesting hidden wonders beyond — is a dark, slightly tatty saloon with an excellent list of craft cocktails, solicitous bartenders and the happy buzz of real conversation. There are murals on the walls, cozy booths if you're lucky and a few shadowy corners for canoodling. And those cocktails! Try the Flim Flam, an intoxicating mix of gin, Cynar artichoke liqueur and maraschino, washed down with a swish of Sambuca, and just try not to ogle the attractive young man in old-timey garb delivering it. This may be West Hollywood, but this is not a meat market. 370 N. La Cienega Blvd., W. Hlywd. (310) 854-1300, —Sarah Fenske

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