There are few original artists among the celebrity portraitists, mini surfboard creators, skyline photographers and names-on-rice painters that dominate the Venice Boardwalk. None is as good as Flewnt, who has been honing his craft at stall 111, across from the American Apparel store, for 10 years. “On the boardwalk you get instant feedback,” he says. “You know instantly what people like and what they don't. It forces you to create good things.” His mixed-media works, made of graffiti'd metal, tarnished wood, cut-up sneakers and the nozzles of spray cans, embody the essence of Venice. His portable workshop has a car battery that powers his electric saw. He can accommodate requests on demand, and he ships anywhere on Earth. You can catch him there most days, 9 a.m. to sundown.

Venice Boardwalk at Horizon Place, Venice, 90291,

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