There aren't many places to sit at Cruzer Pizza, which might be a good thing, because the longer you stay at the all-vegan Los Feliz restaurant, the more you want to order. Should you get the Philly cheese steak or the spicy Indian Kima with herbs and jalapeños? What's better — thick or whole wheat crust? Should you get both, just to compare? And what about appetizers? The potato wedges, french fries seasoned with garlic and Daiya cheese with a side of ranch dressing, sound far too good to pass up. In a perfect world, of course, the solution would be to order everything. But the world isn't perfect and probably neither is your waistline. This is a bummer, because it's not every day you come across vegan pizzerias serving calzones, meatball subs, eggplant parmigiana and chicken pesto pasta (Cruzer claims it's L.A.'s only vegan pizzeria). Regardless of how much you order, you'll need to save room for a gluten-free cupcake. Sigh. —Ryan Ritchie

4449 Prospect Ave., Los Feliz, 90027. (323) 666-0600,

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