Most people who live in L.A. have never visited Hollywood's Bronson Canyon cave, originally built as a granite quarry in 1903. Yet millions have seen it in TV shows such as Batman (yes, the Bat Cave), Bonanza and Gunsmoke — and in films including Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Army of Darkness, Lost Horizon, The Scorpion King and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. To get to the cave, beginning at Franklin Avenue, drive or walk north along Canyon Drive for one mile to the southwestern entrance to Griffith Park. From the park entrance, continue about a quarter-mile to the “red bridge” (red-painted curbs) on your right. Follow the trail over the bridge. In about 15 minutes you'll see a big cave mouth, with three exit openings on the other side. Even on a hot day, it's cool inside. Touch the granite walls and think of all the otherworldly places this Hollywood cave has portrayed. —Michael Goldstein

3200 Canyon Drive, Los Angeles, 90068.

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