It doesn't have the kind of star power that Forest Lawn, Hollywood Forever or even the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park can claim. Its connection to L.A. history hasn't been as fully explored as that of nearby Evergreen. But if you like strolling through graveyards, Odd Fellows Cemetery is the place to go. Founded by a international, coed fraternal organization called the Odd Fellows, it's old enough that you might find some Civil War veterans among the permanent residents. The grounds are filled with unusual headstones — that thing that looks like an old tree stump isn't — and it's been kept up just enough to keep it feeling serene. Odd Fellows is spooky, but it doesn't look like a prelude to a zombie attack. The celebrity graves are limited to a couple of old Hollywood names; you'll want to go more to check out the headstones of ordinary folks. The cemetery's claim to fame is that it's the nondenominational site of a massive fetus burial following a grisly discovery and lengthy court battle in the 1980s.

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