Coffee or ice cream? The eternal question asked weekday afternoons around 3 p.m. by office denizens torn between their gluttony and their narcolepsy. Affogato offers the best of both worlds. Traditionally, it's a shot of espresso poured over vanilla ice cream, but Coffee Commissary amps it up by using Coolhaus' Guinness ice cream, a rich, malty blend flecked with shavings of chocolate. It's drizzled with just enough espresso to jolt you into consciousness without turning the dish into a soupy muddle. Though affogato is Italian for “drowned,” the dish should balance the strength of coffee with the sweetness of ice cream, the creamy texture of dairy. 801 Fairfax Ave., Suite 106, Mid-City. (323) 782-1465,

—Elina Shatkin

LA Weekly