There are maybe a half-dozen places to soak your impending hangover in pad see ew in Thaitown, but that perfect combination of the-party's-still-going vibe and authentic, not-just-for-white-people food is elusive. Our sure thing is an old standby, Hollywood Thai. On a good weekend night, it can see a post-2 a.m. full house. Blame the menu, which includes awesome post-drinking specialties such as kai jeaw (an omelette), kai na ruk (crunchy, bite-size pieces of chicken), and kai kem (black, pickled duck eggs to die for). So grab a throw pillow, lean back and listen to the camp, amplified karaoke sounds of a Thai vocal duo that includes a dandy in Gucci loafers and a sexy older woman in sky-high heels. The party is just getting started. 5241 Hollywood Blvd., Hlywd. (323) 467-0926.

—Dennis Romero

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