Way up yonder in the northernmost reaches of the outskirts of the hinterlands of town, legend has it that a powerful big man once swaggered through the doors of a little hole-in-the-wall joint and said, “Gimme your best pizza.” They did the man's bidding, and it was good — so good that he left a $900 tip before he strode out again, never to return. But no one can ever forget the day that Frank Sinatra came to eat at Casa De Pizza in Granada Hills, in the dining room that now bears his name, and his image, and his records, and his autographed photo, and a cover band, The Sounds of Sinatra, that plays his tunes to a reservations-only packed house every Thursday night. The Sounds are led by wisecracking frontman Vic, who keeps the jokes clean for the kids, but will work blue if you catch him on a smoke break in the parking lot. Casa De Pizza doesn't advertise, and doesn't even have a website, but the discreetly located 48-year-old institution, sometimes overlooked even by locals, has no trouble staying busy, not just because of the Ol' Blue Eyes décor, but because of Frankworthy pizzas named for the family and friends who started the place — the Tom Brown, the Mary Galati, the Mike, the Phyllis and the Pizza Rustica, with its perfect thin crust topped with sliced roma tomatoes, capers, Mediterranean olives, capers, romano cheese, capers, fresh garlic, olive oil and capers. Oh, and did I mention capers? Even if you loathe Sinatra, you'll walk out the door singing this pizza's praises. 16161 San Fernando Mission Blvd., Granada Hills. (818) 366-6311. —L.J. Williamson

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