Not that he would ever engage in such ephemeral, trendy trifles, but if L.A.'s own (eternal) poet laureate Charles Bukowski were to get tattooed, he would do it at Crimson Unicorn Tattoo Parlour. For one, it's right across the street from the King Eddy Saloon, one of his favorite haunts. More than that, however, the location in the very heart of what remains of L.A.'s Skid Row allows you to watch a sort of living movie while you get inked. Bums stroll by, couples get into fights, cockroaches crawl along the sidewalk outside, winos stagger out of the bar and people wander in to ask a lot of damn fool questions. Bring the Club and exact change for parking and get yourself a high-quality tattoo alongside a streetscape that gentrification is bound to change — and probably sooner rather than later. —Nicholas Pell

122 E. Fifth St., dwntwn., 90013. (213) 614-6836,

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