Gustavo Segovia is a brilliant tailor. He hems, repairs and reconfigures clothing with machinelike precision, an artistic eye and a true understanding of construction. When fixing the length on your jeans, he doesn't just pin them up, he removes the original hem and realigns it, saving the shape and tricking the eye. Bring him anything in need of updating and he'll remake it into something unique and new. Hole in your sweater? Wedding gown not quite fitting? Gustavo Tailoring is your savior. The son of a tailor from Mexico City, Segovia came to Los Angeles in 1984 to ply his trade at competitive prices and in a completely reasonable amount of time. The charmingly cluttered shop is located up a staircase that's casually wedged between a nail salon and a clothing store. Call ahead for an appointment. 1569 Westwood Blvd., #C, Wstwd. (310) 477-9835,

—Rachael Narins

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