You might not recognize John Philbin's name, but his face is familiar to any fan of surf movies. He played Turtle in the cheesy classic North Shore; and in Point Break, alongside Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, he robbed banks, shredded waves, played beach football and skydived into a lake — yes, that movie had a lot going on. Philbin doesn't have a bad résumé for a surfing actor, but his real skill lies in teaching others how to paddle out. He was Kate Bosworth's instructor for Blue Crush and he can be yours, too, at a surprisingly reasonable price. Just be sure to heed his advice or he might have to repeat North Shore's oft-quoted line: “Nobody listens to Turtle, man.” —Keith Plocek

By appointment only. Malibu, 90265. (310) 502-0356,

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