Many women don’t enjoy strip clubs. This can be an issue for guys who enjoy seeing their girlfriend face-to-chest with another woman’s boobs. In this perverted dilemma, the answer is Jumbo’s Clown Room, an intimate venue that for more than four decades has allowed its female employees to call themselves “dancers” without patrons rolling our eyes behind their backs. These talented and seductive — but non-nude — dancers attack the on-stage pole with attitude more akin to grrrl-power rock stars than plastic Hollywood hustlers. Strip club naysayers may say female dancers don’t look “real” and project an unattainable sexual fantasy. But not at Jumbo’s. Here the girls embrace and flaunt their individuality. Female patrons are attracted to the dancers’ down-to-earth sexual empowerment and male customers are hooked because their punk-rock, girl-next-door beauty makes us think we could actually get them (we can’t). In truth, Jumbo’s is less a strip club than a risqué dive bar. It’s a locals-only bikini joint for hipsters, bikers, off-duty celebrities, couples, co-workers and, most of all, chicks. And since the music the dancers perform to is straight out of your record collection and not Kid Rock’s greatest hits, your girlfriend won’t even notice how hard you’re staring at other women because she’s doing it, too. 5153 Hollywood Blvd., Hlywd. (323) 666-1187, —Ryan Ritchie

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