Among the sloping hills of Angelino Heights is a street where time stands still. On Carroll Avenue trees are tall, the nearby 101 freeway is a distant hum and relics of Los Angeles' past reside. The Echo Park–adjacent avenue is dotted with beautifully maintained Victorian manors from the late 19th century. Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in L.A., these are storybook homes with intricate architecture and colorful stained-glass windows. Some of the Queen Anne and Eastlake style houses are still equipped with hitching posts for horses and the occasional carriage box. Angelino Heights was considered the Beverly Hills of the 19th century, and it's not difficult to imagine ladies strolling with parasols and horse-drawn carriages dropping off finely attired gentlemen. L.A. is constantly reinventing itself, but here the homeowners remember a storied past, and with their carefully restored homes invite you to, as well. Carroll Avenue and Douglas Street, Echo Park.

—Sophia Kercher

LA Weekly