Street art and Skid Row are two of the defining cultural elements of L.A. Combining them is Skid Row City Limits, a powerful piece of street art by Winston Death Squad. It is both a beautifying tapestry and a statement of community. When the city tried to rename the infamously off-the-grid neighborhood “Central City East,” Skid Row community organizer General Jeff knew it was time for its residents to take control of their destiny, at least symbolically. The mural identifies Skid Row as itself, showing a municipal street sign for the area and a map defining its borders. The mural's importance to the underserved community cannot be understated. “Skid Row is known all over the world,” General Jeff says. “Yet this is the only place in Skid Row where it actually says Skid Row publicly.”

East Sixth and San Julian streets, Skid Row, 90014.

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