Looking for that perfect T-shirt? The one with both text and subtext? Well, you could go to a specialty shop and pay way too much for something that says “Roger's Garden Supply” with a little lawnmower icon. But you'll be paying a pretty steep curatorial fee. Someone has gone to the trouble of filtering out all the literal T-shirts and presenting you with a select and witty few. Wouldn't it be more fun to dig through the vast T-shirt ocean yourself? If so, the place to go is the West L.A. Goodwill. There you will find a giant rack of castoff T-shirts, sorted by color and priced to move at $2 apiece. You'll find shirts made for summer camps, company retreats, softball leagues, political demonstrations, even funerals. This part of town is in an irony dead zone, so the racks won't already have been picked clean. You're sure to find one or two that thrum with textual incongruity. 8905 Venice Blvd., W.L.A.; (310) 845-9327, goodwillsocal.org

—Gene Maddaus

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