Some people complain about the sound guy, or just ignore him altogether, but one local band was so enamored with their soundman that they named themselves after him. The now-defunct pop-punk group Otto needed to find a new name after signing with Sub Pop around 2000, so they called themselves Arlo after the legendarily patient soundman Arlo Aldahl. cq The Highland Park native formerly worked in film post-production and basically taught himself how to do sound work one night in 1992 at Mr. T's Bowl. Now based downtown at the Redwood Bar, he's come a long way since then, and was paid the ultimate compliment by Arlo, even though Aldahl himself didn't initially see it that way. Initially, he thought the idea was “kind of goofy,” he says, but he really liked the band. Plus: “The first time I saw girls walking around with Arlo T-shirts, I felt better,” he notes. —Falling James

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