Chef Eric Greenspan once said of his food, “I'm a down-home guy who happens to roam at a high-end level.” It makes sense, then, that he's found a way to take a simple soul food menu and gussy it up a little in honor of Bluesy Tuesdays, the Foundry on Melrose's weekly blues and Southern rock jam session.

There is, of course, fried chicken, but it comes with goat cheese waffles. There are fried green tomatoes with watermelon and blue cheese and creamed corn sweetened with caramelized onions, as well as a barbecue pork-belly sandwich on which the fried pickles make all the difference. It may not be exactly Grandma's Sunday supper, but we think she'd give it her blessing. One would be wise to order the Yippy Cay, one of the night's specialty cocktails, which packs a surprising cayenne kick.

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