Ever want to lose all sense of time and space? John Lilly, Altered States–style isolation tank sensory deprivation experiences are so … outmoded. The frosted-glass austerity of Float Lab Technologies and its cerebral proprietor, Crash, known as the “global expert on float technology,” offer float tech for the 21st century. Zero freak-out potential exists here, for the rookie or veteran floater, although a session in one of the two private chambers — light-proof, sound-resistant, perfectly calibrated in every way — is indeed a litmus test for any individual. Free of gravity and external stimuli, one can experience the most relaxed and meditative state imaginable, the dissolution of mental blockages and supreme relaxation. Undoubtedly, one looks within. “The people who don't get it,” Crash says, “it's generally based on their appraisal of themselves.” Sessions, by appointment, are reasonably priced, and each of the two chambers includes a private shower, towels and some serious neural stimuli courtesy of the enigmatic Crash. 801 Ocean Front Walk, #5, Venice. (310) 396-3336, floatlab.com.

—Skylaire Alfvegren

LA Weekly