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Instagram shows no signs of slowing as a powerhouse for social media marketing and brand awareness, and it’s undeniable that there is a huge amount of potential for brands, businesses, public figures, influencers, creators, and more.

Instagram has something for everyone, in any niche, and with so much competition out there, it can be hard to push forward and gain the necessary notoriety to make an impact and see the results you’re looking for.

There are plenty of metrics for Instagram success, but one of the most important today is engagement— this includes things such as likes, comments, and shares. Engagement is the key driver to more reach on Instagram.

Having a high follower count is still important and can help you get your content seen by more people on a regular basis, but if you find that your engagement is suffering and not pulling the numbers or ratios you need, you’re probably not alone.

It can be tough to create an Instagram strategy that promotes the levels of engagement that you need, and for this reason people have started to look for additional tools to help them gain the likes and comments that they need.

The Instagram like is the biggest indicator of content popularity and Instagram knows it— when you have more Instagram likes, your content will be ranked higher, get more reach, and generate more engagement on its own through social proof.

Looking for ways to boost your Instagram likes? Thinking about buying Instagram likes?

Buying Instagram likes is something that many people may consider to be “cheating” or “lying,” but it’s neither of these things; when done safely, buying Instagram likes can contribute greatly to your overall Instagram strategy.

In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • Why people buy Instagram likes
  • Top 10 sites to buy Instagram likes
  • How to buy Instagram likes safely
  • FAQs about buying Instagram likes
  • 3 pro tips to get more Instagram likes

If you’re looking for ways to get more Instagram likes but aren’t sure about buying them just yet, read on. We’re sure that after you check out our guide you’ll have a much better understanding of how buying Instagram likes can help you and which companies are the most reputable providers of them.

Let’s take a look at why people buy IG likes in the first place.

Why do People Buy Instagram Likes?

So there are tons of companies out there that offer Instagram likes. Why are there so many? Well, where there is supply, there is demand.

But why do so many people seek to buy Instagram likes?

It’s possible for Instagram users to buy packages of Instagram likes so that they can boost their like counts on their photos and videos; these packages are available on a one-time basis and can even be provided as an auto-likes service depending on the company.

People buy Instagram likes because they need that credibility and boost to their reputation to generate more interest in their profile and content over time.

Let’s imagine this scenario: you’ve worked tirelessly to grow your Instagram follower count and have finally got it to a level that you’re happy with: 10k. Now, how is your engagement doing?

You average about 80-100 likes on each photo. This is barely hitting 1% at 100 likes, and frankly that is just not an effective level of engagement to give you any credibility. While you should definitely evaluate why you’re not getting likes, you can also buy Instagram likes to get things moving.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your content will have more likes, and one thing about Instagram likes is that if you have some, they will multiply. People tend to like what others like, and this is the concept of social proof.

It’s vital that you have that credibility so that other people will want to be a part of your page and your community; most people have FOMO (fear of missing out) and want to be involved in things that are popular.

In fact, over 80% of consumers reference Instagram as an authority to check out items and products before purchasing and they use Instagram to see whether or not they want to support a brand or business.

You want to give yourself an edge on your content, and that’s why most people buy Instagram likes. It will without a doubt help to get your profile buzzing and gain you more natural likes over time.

It can be tough to get your performance up against the Instagram algorithm and get your content more reach; when you buy Instagram likes, you can help get the upper hand and start getting noticed, liked, and followed by more people.

Top 10 Sites to Buy Instagram Likes

Now that we know why people want to buy Instagram likes and how it can benefit your overall Instagram strategy, where should we buy them from?

There are plenty of companies out there but you’ve got to choose wisely— not all of them have your best interest at heart. Many companies out there are just looking to line their pockets with your hard-earned investment, so do your research.

We want to make that a bit easier, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 companies to buy Instagram likes from so that you can check out a solid resource with reputable companies that provide top quality services.

You can expect transparent, effective, and affordable services from the companies on this list, so let’s take a look at what each one of these companies aim to provide you with.

1. More Likes

Best for: anyone who wants consistent Instagram likes that boost your overall credibility and popularity

Features: More Likes is one of the best services to buy Instagram likes from. In fact, their service is absolutely a game changer for your Instagram likes. They offer both Instagram auto likes as well as real Instagram likes so you can choose what best suits your needs.

The Instagram auto likes service is one of the best; they provide real Instagram likes from their in-house network of users, making them completely unique— no other company can provide a service like this.

You can choose exactly how many likes you want and you’re covered for up to 4 posts a day, which is more than the average of 1-2 daily posts for most users. It’s a relief to know that as soon as you post, you’ll have likes coming in.

You can even decide how quickly you want these likes to come in; do you want them to start liking your post immediately, or to be delayed? More Likes caters to their clients’ needs and preferences.

They don’t use any bots or fake accounts to provide likes, so you’ll only get real Instagram likes. This is also true if you simply opt to buy a single package of Instagram likes from them.

They offer a variety of different packages for real Instagram likes and they will be delivered to a single upload. You’ll get 24/7 support, and their service is completely safe and secure.

If you need Instagram followers and views as well, More Likes can help with that as well.

A comprehensive solution that has the best quality in the market, More Likes is a premier service that will no doubt help to boost your Instagram strategy and engagement levels. 

Price: Price depends on package; single packages starting at $1.39, auto likes packages from $9.99 

Verdict: More Likes is our top choice, and once you try it out, it’ll be yours too. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to back up their services.

2. Growthoid

Best for: users who want real, organic Instagram growth in terms of followers and engagement 

Features: Growthoid has completely changed the way that people buy Instagram likes. Growthoid provides a fully-managed Instagram growth service that will get you more Instagram followers, likes, comments, and more from real, targeted users that are interested in your content.

Your dedicated account manager will use your explicit targeting instructions to engage with users on the platform, generating interest in your account from users that you actually care about.

Nothing is worse than a bunch of fake likes and followers, and when you buy Instagram likes with Growthoid’s service, you won’t have to worry about that at all— they use no bots or spam accounts.

Growthoid provides real Instagram growth over time through natural methods, making it a great option for a long-term strategy to get more Instagram likes.

If you want real Instagram likes from targeted users that will be interesting in your content offerings, Growthoid is definitely the best choice. 

Price: 2 monthly plan options starting at $49. 

Verdict: Growthoid is by far the best comprehensive Instagram growth strategy to get more Instagram likes, followers, comments, and more. They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind, but we’re sure you’ll love their service.

3. UseViral

Best for: users who need a specific amount of Instagram likes 

Features: UseViral is one of the top companies to buy Instagram likes in packages; they’ve been in business for years now and offer services not only for Instagram but also for TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

UseViral has an expansive network of real users that provide their clients with real Instagram likes. You simply choose how many you want to gain and they will put their partners to work in liking your content.

UseViral offers single-purchase packages and you can decide on exactly what you need. You can also get Instagram followers and views from them. They offer 24/7 support and safe, effective delivery time frames.

You can check out their detailed FAQ for more info on their awesome services; you’ll get more Instagram likes with UseViral in no time. 

Price: Packages vary based on quantity 

Verdict: If you want a set amount of IG likes, check out UseViral! Their likes are real and delivered safely and quickly.

4. SidesMedia

Best for: users who need high-quality Instagram likes that are real and active 

Features: SidesMedia offers some of the best Instagram likes on the market; with real Instagram likes from their real Instagram partners, you can choose the package that has the quantity you need and SidesMedia will deliver them quickly.

You don’t have to worry about bots or fake likes; SidesMedia is the real deal. With 24/7 customer support, a detailed FAQ, and a user-friendly website, SidesMedia can get you real Instagram likes with no fuss. 

Price: Price varies by package quantity 

Verdict: Another trustworthy option, SidesMedia is all quality and no headache. Check them out if you want real Instagram likes.

5. Stormlikes

Best for: users who want to pay with Bitcoin

Features: Stormlikes has been widely used to buy Instagram likes, and you can choose what kind you want to buy. Stormlikes has packages for both high-quality likes and premium likes.

Some of the features you’ll get with Stormikes include splitting likes on multiple pictures, fast delivery, 24/7 live support, and real likes.

Stormlikes, just as most other providers of Instagram likes on a per-package basis, won’t require your password to provide services. 

Price: Starting at $3.50 

Verdict: A great option for buying real Instagram likes especially if you want to boost multiple pieces of content.

6. FollowersUp

Best for: users who like to choose exactly the quantity of likes they need

Features: FollowersUp makes it easier than ever to buy Instagram likes. You’ll be able to select the exact number of Instagram likes you need with their sliding selector tool. You can also rest assured that your followers will not disappear, as they offer a lifetime guarantee.

You can use FollowersUp for other platforms as well, including Twitter, YouTube, and more. 

Price: Price varies by package quantity

Verdict: if you need a reliable option for real Instagram followers with a guarantee, FollowersUp is a great choice.

7. Media Mister

Best for: cross-platform marketing and safe delivery timeframes 

Features: Media Mister is one of the oldest companies providing Instagram likes, so they know a thing or two about how to do it the right way.

They offer high-quality Instagram followers that will help get your account moving and generate more likes over time. They also offer delivery time frames that are some of the safest in the industry, especially since they have high number packages.

With 24/7 support and services for about any other social media platform out there, Media Mister definitely delivers.  

Price: Price varies by package quantity 

Verdict: If you’re looking for a company with experience and reputation, Media Mister definitely has both and provides real Instagram likes safely to your account.

8. Viralyft

Best for: splitting likes on several posts and high quality Instagram likes 

Features: You can get top quality Instagram likes from Viralyft in quantities from 100-40k. You don’t have to provide your password and you will get your order within 72 hours from the time that your order is processed.

Viralyft also offers you the option of splitting your likes package across multiple photos.

You’ll be able to contact Viralyft 24/7 if you need any help with your purchase and they also offer guarantees of safe delivery and secure payments.

If you want cross-platform growth, you can get services for YouTube, TikTok, SoundCloud, and more.

Price: Price varies by package quantity 

Verdict: Viralyft is a reliable option that can help get your Instagram likes to you quickly.

9. Famups

Features: You’ll be able to buy Instagram likes from Famups with quick delivery time frames and no password needed. You can get anywhere from 1k to 10k Instagram likes and they’ll be delivered between 1-7 days depending on package size.

Famups offers 24/7 support and also offers services for Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, and more.

Price: Price varies by package quantity

Verdict: Famups currently only offers packages of over 1k Instagram likes, so it’s a good option if you need higher numbers.

10. Likes.io

Best for: those looking for different payment options and real growth

Features: Likes.io offers you the chance to buy real Instagram likes and followers, as well as Instagram auto likes.

With Likes.io, you can get anywhere from 50 likes all the way up to 10k likes. They offer instant delivery, real likes, the option to split likes across photos, and 24/7 support.

Their services are very straightforward and offer a lot of value for your Instagram account. You can also choose from different payment methods such as Apple Pay, visa, mastercard, AMEX, and even Bitcoin.

Price: Starting at $3.50

Verdict: With a user-friendly website and many options for premium Instagram likes, Likes.io makes the buying process enjoyable.

How to Buy Instagram Likes Safely

These 10 Instagram growth providers are the cream of the crop and you’re sure to see an uptick in your Instagram results after choosing any of them, especially our top recommendations.

That said, perhaps you have another service in mind or want to check them out for yourself. What should you look for when deciding what company to buy Instagram likes from?

In order to stay safe, we’ve listed 4 elements that you should measure any company against to ensure that you’re getting the best quality for your investment and won’t have to worry about getting cheated or swindled.

Follow this guide to evaluate any of the above services or other Instagram growth companies that you may have in mind. Choose wisely!

Detailed Website and FAQ

When choosing where to buy Instagram likes, always review the website with a curious eye. Is there sufficient information about the service? What can you expect from the company?

If you see a lot of overly general statements that seem like buzzwords, look closely and ensure that there is enough detail about how they actually provide the service and when you can expect to see results.

You should also look for a FAQ that provides potential or current clients with info about any tech problems, common questions, or explanations. If the company doesn’t have a FAQ, they’re likely not reputable or are trying to hide something.

The more transparent the information, the better. Also look to see info about policies, refunds, and support just in case something goes awry with your service or purchase.

Delivery Speed

When can you expect to see your order delivered? There are a variety of answers to this question, but make sure that you pay attention to what the company is offering.

It’s much better to get Instagram likes delivered over time rather than all at once; for this reason, if the company promises quick and instant delivery, it’s likely to get your account flagged and noted for suspicious activity.

In order to avoid that, use services that provide growth over time or in a natural fashion. You can use a service that offers likes through drip delivery, which means they are delivered over a period of time to keep your account safe.

Some services can provide instant delivery in the sense that they start processing your order immediately and will get the delivery process started, but don’t get all of your likes in one fell swoop.

Always choose companies that offer safe delivery that protects the security of your account.

Quality of Likes

What kind of likes are you actually getting? Are you going to see a bunch of spam and bot accounts appear?

You have to ensure that the likes that you receive are going to be real, active, and high quality. Why? For two reasons:

  • Instagram removes fake followers and engagements: in order to uphold the integrity of their platform, Instagram does sweeps in order to remove fake accounts. That means that if you have fake followers, likes, comments, etc., it’s likely that these will drop off over time, wasting your time and money. You have to have high quality profiles, and even better if they’re genuine users.
  • Users can easily see who liked your content: nothing is worse than having a user click on your like count and see a bunch of profiles with weird usernames and no photos. This doesn’t help your credibility— it actually hinders it. Not all users will do this, but you have to have reputable profiles liking your content if you want to increase your social proof and reputation.

Always inspect the quality of likes that you’re going to get before purchasing; also, see if you can find how they provide you with the likes. This can help you decide if they’re truly valuable or not.

Website Security

You have to ensure that you protect your data, financial information, as well as your device. There are some companies out there that use no methods at all to protect their clients’ security. If you see this, run.

One dead giveaway that a company doesn’t value privacy and protection is that they don’t have a secured website with SSL encryption. How do you know?

You can check for this in the left corner of the address bar on the website. If there is a small lock, you’re covered. If not, it will likely say “not secure” (at least on Google chrome), and you should leave the site.

If you stay or engage with info on the site, you may put yourself at risk of being hacked, damaging your device as well as phishing valuable information.

Also, make sure that they offer secure payment methods and that they offer the variety that you need in terms of payment options. Many top companies have flexible payments with options in terms of how you want to pay.

Finally, if you are buying likes in a one-time purchase, you should never have to provide your password. Some recurring services that take action on your account’s behalf will need your password, but one-time service providers don’t.

Why Should You Buy Instagram Likes?

So, have you decided yet? Is buying Instagram likes really the best strategy for you? We’re going to give you a final snapshot of what to expect when you buy Instagram likes in terms of pros and cons.


  • Instant boost on your content: you’ll gain more perpetual growth through consistent Instagram likes; your content will be more credible and you will gain more popularity through having more Instagram likes.
  • Speed up engagement: Likes equal more likes; if you have likes on your content and it appears that people enjoy what you’re posting, you’ll entice more people to join and do the same, which can even help you get more comments and followers on Instagram, too.
  • Compete against bigger accounts: Most niches have a lot of competition, so you need to stay on point and in the game. When you buy Instagram likes you can help to match the popularity or numbers of other competing accounts, keeping you neck and neck with them and giving yourself a chance to pull ahead with more engagement and followers over time. If your competitor has a ton of likes and you have none, it’s all bad news.
  • Simple process: Ultimately, it’s very simple to buy Instagram likes as long as you choose the right company. It’s a really easy method to help generate more long-term engagement and interest in your profile on Instagram.


  • Doesn’t replace your Instagram strategy: Buying Instagram likes is a great addition to your Instagram strategy, but it doesn’t fulfill it completely. You still have to have other strategies going on, such as content creation, consistent posting, use of multiple features and content types on Instagram, a professional profile, engagement and interaction with your followers, hashtags, among other things. Don’t think that buying Instagram likes will make you famous overnight; it’s a means to an end, but your work doesn’t end there. It’s meant as a support tool— use it as one and keep hustling!
  • Cost adds up: If you rely too heavily on buying Instagram likes— or even Instagram followers, comments, etc.– you’re going to end up spending quite a bit of money. Buy when you need to and make smart investments and strategy choices. Don’t get yourself into a vicious cycle of buying all of your Instagram followers and engagements, as this never ends well.


If you still have any lingering questions about buying Instagram likes, chances are you’re not alone. To put you in the best possible decision-making position, we’re tackling 5 of the most common questions surrounding buying Instagram likes.

Where Should I Buy Instagram Likes?

In the end, only you can decide where to buy Instagram likes. We’ve given you a big edge by showing you some of the top companies out there, so now the choice is in your hands.

Our recommendation is to use a service such as More Likes or Growthoid. More Likes offers auto likes that come from real users and you’ll always be covered as long as you post 4 or fewer posts a day.

Not only that, More Likes keeps your image consistent while promoting more engagement, which is really invaluable.

Growthoid is also our top option because the service focuses on real, natural Instagram growth— this means that you’re going to get not only more Instagram likes, but a complete Instagram growth strategy that will get you targeted, engaged followers.

Growthoid will help power your long-term growth strategy; regardless of which option you choose, you’re using organic Instagram growth methods that will drive real results and help you in the long term.

Do All Companies Sell the Same Instagram Likes?

Unfortunately, all companies don’t sell the same Instagram likes. Life would be much easier if they did, but you have to be selective when choosing who to buy from.

As we said, use the criteria that we’ve listed above to ensure that you’re getting something valuable and high quality. The companies on this list will check the box for quality, so you don’t have to worry about that, but you should always be critical when buying Instagram followers and engagements.

Does Buying Instagram Likes Work?

Yes! As we said above, buying Instagram likes isn’t a shortcut or a one-step solution, but it’s a valuable tool that can give you the boost you need to get things moving in terms of your Instagram engagement.

If you buy Instagram likes, you’ll see an increase in your overall likes from Instagram users, more comments, and even more followers. When you buy from a reputable company, you’ll get your order safely and securely and can start seeing results.

Be critical when buying Instagram likes and don’t rely on it as your only strategy, but it definitely works and can help you see the results you need.

Is it Safe to Buy Instagram Likes?

It’s safe to buy Instagram likes when you buy from the right company. You want to make sure that the delivery time frame keeps you safe and that the profiles are high quality and not going to infiltrate your account or cause spam or bot issues.

The companies on this list will keep you safe, and again, check the criteria we’ve given you so that you can undoubtedly stay safe.

Will I Get Banned if I Buy Instagram Likes?

Generally speaking, no, but if you buy from a company that doesn’t protect your account or gets your Instagram flagged, it is possible.

It’s not difficult to understand; if you order 10k Instagram likes and they’re all delivered at once, of course Instagram is going to list this as suspicious activity.

If you buy Instagram likes that are gradually delivered, you won’t have any issues and your account will be kept completely safe. That doesn’t mean you have to wait weeks for your likes; many good companies can get them to you over the course of 1-3 days depending on package size.

3 Tips on Getting More Instagram Likes

Our final section will help you to boost your Instagram likes through your own Instagram strategy. The following three tips are some of the best ways to help perpetuate more engagement on your Instagram content and keep users interested in your content.

1. Use Engaging Captions

Even though Instagram is a virtual platform, what you post in your caption matters. It’s not only a great way to express who you are, what your content means, as well as give users a view into your business or brand.

It’s more than that— you can ask your users to engage with you directly in your caption. Using call-to-actions such as “like if you hate Mondays!” or “double tap if you eat sushi!” can help users to identify with your content and feel like an active participant, causing them to like.

You’ll want to choose something that fits with your content, of course.

You can also generate other engagements with things like “tag someone who…” or asking for opinions in comments. Captions hold more power than you may think, and they really show users who you are!

2. Know Your Target Audience

If you know what kind of content your target audience is most interested in, you will know what kind of content to post that will bring in the most likes.

Keep in mind that content with faces in them tend to perform better on Instagram than photos that don’t include people. That doesn’t mean you can’t post people-free photos, but if you’re doing it constantly, they have to be really excellent or unique.

Post content that your users want to see so that they’re likely to check out your content and like/comment.

For instance, if you are a restaurant and know that people absolutely love to see photos of dogs on your restaurant’s patio, use that! You’ll be sure to see a boost in engagement if you give people what they want.

Check out your content and see what type gets the most likes; also look at competing or similar accounts to see what performs well for them.

3. Promote Your Posts Using IG Stories

Another way you can generate more interest around your content and get people looking at your profile is to actively use Instagram stories for promotion.

How does this work?

You post a new photo or video in your feed, and you should then share it to your Instagram stories. There are plenty of stickers that you can use that show users that it’s a “new post” and that they should visit your profile to check it out.

Typically, people cover up a portion of the new post in the IG story so that people get curious and have to go to your profile to see the whole thing.

This level of mystery will no doubt cause users to visit your Instagram profile and look at the content; if they’ve already gone that far, they’ll be likely to give you a double tap.

Conclusion: Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes

There you have it— our comprehensive guide to buying Instagram likes! We hope that now you have a clear understanding of what it means to buy Instagram likes, what to look for, and how it can benefit your account.

Again, buying IG likes is just a strategic method to help you boost your likes and generate more growth; it’s a great tool, but it’s not the only thing you should be doing.

Use a reputable company like More Likes or Growthoid to buy Instagram likes and keep working diligently on your content offerings, captions, and hashtags. You’ll be delig

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