Tucked away along the leafy side of Hyperion Avenue and identified only by an old-school barber pole and a dark-as-your-drunk-soul exterior, Hyperion Tavern perfectly encapsulates its neighborhood. It manages to represent the tastes of both your freaky baroque pop aunt and your bibliophile uncle; lined with old tomes and punctuated with a giant chandelier, the spot is the perfect dive bar for drinkers who don't want a whole lot of bullshit. The fact that it lacks liquor is made up for by a killer selection of beer and wine, and great music as well. Sure, it tends to be a great spot for conversation, but Hyperion also regularly hosts local eclectic noise-makers, neo-drone stylists and freaky-deaky art happenings. For free. —Paul T. Bradley

1941 Hyperion Ave., Silver Lake, 90027. (323) 665-1941, facebook.com/pages/Hyperion-Tavern/179192012130291.

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