Tomorrow's television and film stars are today's unpaid sketch and improv comedians, a formula that's tough on them but great for the rest of us. Especially when it comes to the Sunday Company show at the Groundlings on Melrose, where your $15 nets you a night full of budding comedians before they make it big. The weekly sketch and improv hybrid features funny folks who are already climbing the industry ladders, like Amy Vorpahl and Tom Fonss. Not convinced? Check out the roster of Groundlings alums: Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Phil Hartman and Melissa McCarthy, to name a handful. The eventual “I saw them before they were famous” bragging rights alone are worth the price of admission. 7307 Melrose Ave., Fairfax District, 90046. (323) 934-4747, —Farley Elliott

LA Weekly