Located next to Grauman's Million Dollar Theatre, this pharmacy will sell you aspirin, Tampax and other basics. But, as you might guess from the window displays, which include religious icons and a display devoted to the Grim Reaper, Million Dollar Pharmacia's main trade is the mystical: candles, potions, powders, packets and trinkets that will “bring her back,” cure your aching heart, help you get revenge on a lover, vanquish evil or bring good luck, as the retro labels make clear. Brightly colored shampoo, floor cleaner, soaps, aguas espirituales, oils, herbs, rosaries and tubs of unidentifiable goo — it's all here to cleanse your spiritual ills. There are bat's hearts, swallow's eyes, dragon's-blood powder and, if you want to get serious, mini plush voodoo dolls. The friendly staff will even make you a special candle. One highlight is the beautiful altar dedicated to Holy Death (La Santissima Muerte), and there's also an invite-only back room with more icons and candles; slide a dollar bill behind one of them and ask for hex help. 301 S. Broadway, dwntwn. (213) 687-3688.

—James Bartlett

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